Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back To Original Shape After Being Crumpled? Breakthrough Produces Metal Rubber Flexible Metal Sheets Snap by Nanotechnology

once its started, nothing will makes it stop, the nano even comes to Produces Metal Rubber Flexible Metal Sheets

Metal rubber is narrow and can be twisted, folded, or crumpled up, and then immediately snaps back to its original shape. It also conducts electricity like solid metal. This of work has all sorts of industrial applications, including use in consumer electronics, military and aircraft industries, and medical technologies as well. It also has applications in robotics, where metal rubber could be used for robotic skin or flexible circuits. It may even be useful for generating artificial muscles.

A breakthrough in material science has produced a highly pliable metallic substance called "metal rubber." This has been developed by a company called NanoSonic, and is the product of nanotechnology fabrication processes.

While I am not a gigantic fan of the over-hyped nanotechnology field, this particular product of nanotechnology looks promising. A material such as this might potentially revolutionize flexible circuits and make all electronics, whether in robots, medical devices, or airplanes, far more resilient and resistant to fatigue.

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